that’s a final answer

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wild nature in two the cities_new


all about a house

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it’s two or three of things about a house






for me, a house was

findable place by myself accidentally or necessarily

I wanted to go outside from my house

where was no my father anymore and be independent asap when I was 18

the house have swept away by wave of the sea in the end but I still have few properties and my family





I would like to go back to new my house where was build by my mother

wild nature into the cities

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can we live in our nature or harmonise with some other nature




the tangible nature would be within a 1m radius, it would be there for you





plant pots, they are going to anywhere flexibly

their bodies would return to the ground, if those bodies are made of nature





cray deep in the ground

someone find from the ground and shape the cray as they want

the cray would be becoming different shape but it will be proper shape for someone




we would also record on cray using something close to us

following to that ancient people did it




in the end, we open the door and go into the new world with naked eyes

is there something wrong?

nature there


Plant pot- removable, symbolical, adaptable, being with architectural object or building, having both elements of  nature and artificial aspect.

that is like a human nature.

I have been thinking that a plant pot is like a human nature because we will move our place for our life, alternatively, we are looking for an adaptable place for our life.

Release an artificiality, sits down there where would become our home.

If its artificiality was made from plastic that would not be resolved into the ground, if its artificiality was made from nature material that would resolve into the ground.







そんな事を考えたtea timeの展示会が終わる直前の昼下がり、東京、吉祥寺にて。

Our days

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I did an exhibition in ilcafe in Kichijoji in Tokyo in the end of October 2013 with my friends Takako, who is an artist and living in Ibaraki. The reason why we chose a cafe for our exhibition that we wanted people to enjoy seeing our artworks with a cup of tea, and we LOVE ilcafe 😉


I showed small drawings that I had been making drawings of a plants pot during this summer. This project is still in a process but this exhibition is mentioning the end of some process.


Thank you very much for coming to see our exhibition, we thank you and looking forward to seeing you in the next time again!


Exhibition title: “tea time”

Time: 25th-31st Oct 2013

Place: at ilcafe in Kichijoji in Tokyo

Hello again London and Tokyo

I visited to see my friends in London after Iceland that was not enough time to see everyone..In the end, I really like London and appreciate for four years I spend there with all. I forgot to take a photo because I really enjoyed being there. Here are photos that I took in ancient time instead.


last of london 008

last of london 009

last of london 010

Afterwards, I went to Tokyo to see my friends here as well. It was obvious that I got relaxing very much because here is my country. Here and there, I have people whom I would like to see, I just appreciate that fact.


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Now, I am living in Sendai currently.